Magazine: 2014 Winter College Services

Presidential Perspective: NACAS cultivates a global viewpoint

Kathryn Le Gros, CASP | December 2, 2014
I think it is quite fitting that the theme for this issue of College Services is Leadership and International Auxiliaries, as I am from Canada and am the Association's recently installed president. Of the 777 members of NACAS, 58 are Canadian, and four are from other countries around the world, including Australia and Jamaica. Read more

A fresh perspective

Karla Sandwith | December 2, 2014
Incoming president Kathryn Le Gros, CASP embodies the leadership qualities shared by former NACAS presidents: a clear sense of purpose, an innovative vision, and a steadfast commitment to service. Read more

Going global

Fiona Soltes | December 2, 2014
U.S. and overseas institutions seek to understand and serve international students Read more

NACAS Outstanding Business Partner finds success through its seven pillars of creating exceptional student experiences

Fiona Soltes | December 2, 2014
Kerwin Higashi easily admits his surprise that Sodexo won the title of NACAS 2014 Outstanding Business Partner of the Year. More than anything, though, it was the fact that someone had cared enough to take time out of a busy schedule to make the nomination. Read more

Education Foundation: End-of-year giving

Matthew L. Sirinek, CASP | December 2, 2014
It’s been a year of innovation and evolution for NACAS and the NACAS Education Foundation. Read more

Vive la différence

Julie Ahlgren | December 2, 2014
The 2014 NACAS Annual Conference, Oct. 5-8, 2014, in Montréal, Québec, ushered in fresh outlooks and new adventures for the 1,129 industry professionals in attendance. Read more

Campus cards at home and abroad: International credential trends

David Stallworth | December 2, 2014
Universities in the United States and Canada are very familiar with one-card systems for closed-loop payment and access services based on official ID cards. What are the international trends in credentials that could affect universities in North America in the near future? Read more

Campus cards at home and abroad: Student success is in the cards

Sarah Ledwith | December 2, 2014
Student success: these words are everywhere. As public scrutiny over the cost of higher education grows louder, colleges and universities are doing more than ever before to show how they help students succeed academically, engage socially, and receive an outstanding college experience. Read more

Campus cards at home and abroad: What’s coming in campus card services?

Jay Summerall | December 2, 2014
Simplicity. Ubiquity. Efficiency. One and done. Tap or click—and go. That’s what we want from many of the services we use every day, right? Big technology enables today’s customers to hit submit and move on. Read more

Sustainability of campus auxiliary 
services 2020 and beyond

Dr. Kathleen Carey-Fletcher | December 2, 2014
Given the contemporary business challenges of campus auxiliary services and the complex business climate of higher education, the future of campus auxiliary services operations has become a relevant issue to examine. Read more

AIM Institute: 
Where learning and practice meet!

Julie Ahlgren | December 2, 2014
Spring had not yet bloomed in late March when participants in the NACAS Advanced Institute for Managers (AIM) gathered at the University of Notre Dame. Read more

Chick-fil-A serves up innovation at the NACAS Senior Executive Institute

Julie Ahlgren | December 2, 2014
Chick-fil-A, Inc. hosted the NACAS Senior Executive Institute on July 22-24, 2014, in its Innovation Center also known as “The Hatch.” Read more

Executive Summary: International diversity—international direction

Ron Campbell, CASP | December 2, 2014
As association CEOs face many of the issues that affect higher education and the greater world around us (health care, job creation, technology improvements, recruitment, retention, etc.), the least talked about topic seems to be the challenge of how to make our associations more appealing to an international audience. Read more