Magazine: 2016 Summer College Services

Presidential Perspective: New positions provide greater opportunities for NACAS

Bill Redwine | June 6, 2016
Wow! Summer is here already and by now most of us have closed out the Spring semester and graduated those eligible students. Where does the time go? I’ve always heard that as we get older, the days fly by quicker and I now believe that to be 100 percent accurate. Read more

Parking campaign advances mission to help students save

Lauren Beaver and Elizabeth Messer | June 6, 2016
The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) Business Auxiliary Services (BAS) oversees a variety of services, including parking, campus transit, dining, the campus stores, vending, and the UTSA ID card. With approximately 29,000 students and more than 4,000 faculty and staff, we constantly seek new and unique ways to better educate our campus community and benefit our entire community. Read more

Education benefits programs help students earn while saving

Ryan Chase | June 6, 2016
For many college students, the most pressing issue concerning their ability to attend college is the financial obligation. As college costs continue to rise, more and more students – and colleges and universities – are searching for ways to ease the financial burden students are challenged with, and the financial obstacle that keeps many out of school. Read more

Lewis-Clark Presidential Work Scholars Program

Erin Cassetto | June 6, 2016
At Lewis-Clark State College in Lewiston, Idaho, the Presidential Work Scholars program is designed to reduce student loan debt. Read more

Eliminating cost barriers
 with a focus on need

Antonya English | June 6, 2016
Former University of Richmond president Ed Ayers was in the midst of developing a comprehensive strategic planning initiative entitled “The Richmond Promise” when he and his staff decided upon a policy that has changed the educational landscape for students who desire to attend the university. Read more

Titan payment plan offers
 savings for course materials

Kimberly Ball | June 6, 2016
What happens when providing low-cost course materials isn’t enough? While many campus bookstores offer an ever-growing array of options to save students money – rentals, used books, digital content, guaranteed buyback, price comparison tools, and low price guarantees – students can still struggle in their quest to show up prepared for class. Read more

Reenergizing early childhood care facilities in higher education

Austin Metoyer | June 6, 2016
Nearly a quarter of the 17 million undergraduate students in the United States are students with children. However, affordable, on-campus childcare is still hard to find Read more

Adrianne Spann and Marshall Gray are 2016 Mereese Ladson Diversity Scholarship Recipients

Antonya English | June 6, 2016
The Meresse Ladson Diversity Scholarship is sponsored annually by the NACAS Education Foundation, a non-profit corporation that promotes the auxiliary services profession through NACAS. Read more

Saving through learning the rules

Jean Ann Caywood | June 6, 2016
Savannah State University, a Historically Black College/University located minutes away from the city’s renowned historic district and Tybee Island Beach, is doing everything it can to make college more affordable for its students. Read more

Embracing a Culture of Sustainable Innovation

Alex Slaymaker | June 6, 2016
Alex Slaymaker is the grand prize winner of the NACAS Student Author Contest, sponsored by Starbucks Coffee Company. Students were asked to submit articles on the topic of “How is your campus auxiliary services making an impact in the area of sustainability? What additional changes could be made; how would those changes impact the student base on campus and you personally?” Starbucks Coffee Company generously donated a $1,000 cash prize for first place and additional prizes of $600 and $400 for second and third place. Read more

What NACAS members are doing
 to help students save money

Antonya English | June 6, 2016
Auxiliary services across the nation are constantly seeking new and innovative ways to reduce fees and help students save money while they’re pursuing an education. We asked NACAS members to share with us – in one-liners – some of the ways auxiliary services are helping students save money. Read more

Transportation for extracurricular activities fosters student savings

Phillip R. Allison | June 6, 2016
The United States Naval Academy Business Services Division (NABSD) offers a variety of activities and amenities to enhance the lives of the United States Naval Academy students, known as midshipmen, or simply “mids.” Read more

The upside to the rising cost of higher education? An opportunity for greater innovation in auxiliary services!

Kelsey Finn | June 6, 2016
We have all heard the stale (but seemingly true) jokes about higher education in our modern century. “We used to be state-funded, then we became state-supported. Now, we are simply state located, and some contend that we are being state harassed.” We’ve also heard the complaints from students and parents about going into debt to pay the ever-growing tuition and fees at both private and public institutions. Read more