Topics: Bookstores

Titan payment plan offers
 savings for course materials

Kimberly Ball | June 6, 2016
What happens when providing low-cost course materials isn’t enough? While many campus bookstores offer an ever-growing array of options to save students money – rentals, used books, digital content, guaranteed buyback, price comparison tools, and low price guarantees – students can still struggle in their quest to show up prepared for class. Read more

Leadership sustainability 
in operations and practices

Sandy Smith | December 2, 2015
How Arizona State is making efforts to involve students and faculty in improving sustainability. Read more

Collegiate bookstore planning

Michael J. Lopez | December 2, 2015
There is an ever-changing landscape of higher education administrators to deal with challenges for industry and collegiate bookstore leaders. When a bookstore is going to be built or remodeled, the planning team prepares information to effectively deliver exceptional results for branding, positioning, and marketing of the bookstore. Read more

Five surprising trends about course materials and the campus store

Estella McCollum | October 9, 2015
Anyone associated with collegiate retailing knows it’s a competitive arena, with traditional brick-and-mortar campus retailers facing off against a multitude of online competitors looking to capitalize on this undeniably appealing marketplace. Read more

Enhancing visual impact

Melissa Davish | October 9, 2015
Amplify your graphics to increase recognition and revenue Read more

The rise of digital course materials

Sandy Smith | June 4, 2015
Throughout 2014, students at Chaffey College in Rancho Cucamonga, California, purchased 42 ebook versions of course materials. This spring semester, the number was up to 199. Read more

From brick and mortar to digital

Derrick Singleton | June 4, 2015
Because it is an endowment-driven institution, Berea College’s commitment to serve its student population through the no-tuition promise drives a sense of urgency to be excellent financial stewards and caring service providers— our decision to embrace technology and move to a new hybrid model for our college bookstore enhances our ability to be both. Read more

Branding the campus store

Dennis Mekelburg | March 5, 2015
Apple, Google, Facebook, Beats, Amazon, Chegg, Starbucks, Forever 21. These are iconic brands that instantly bring to mind the companies that they represent and resonate in a positive way, especially with college students. What does your college store brand bring to mind with your customers? Read more