Topics: Management

Everything you need to know about mobile

Ben Anderson | June 4, 2015
Using mobile technology as a tool to solve real-world problems on campus. Read more

The power to compete

Dr. Tamela Hawley, Dr. Hank Dunn, Don Penrose and Peter Bosco | June 4, 2015
Community college graduation rates have been alarmingly low. In 2012, California Gov. Jerry Brown signed the Student Success Act into law. Intended to improve educational outcomes for community college students and better prepare the workforce for the state’s changing economy, this act contained 22 recommendations aimed at restructuring student support services, improving consistency and efficiency, and increasing completion rates within the 112-campus system. Read more

The cloud comes to campus

Eli Keimig | June 4, 2015
Shared computer resources offer benefits to student experience. Read more

Sustainability of campus auxiliary 
services 2020 and beyond

Dr. Kathleen Carey-Fletcher | December 2, 2014
Given the contemporary business challenges of campus auxiliary services and the complex business climate of higher education, the future of campus auxiliary services operations has become a relevant issue to examine. Read more

Is it time for a wellness check of your auxiliaries?

Jennifer Reed and Mike Robinson, MS, CPA | October 17, 2014
Whether it is for ourselves, a family member, or a pet, we know that it’s time for a visit to the doctor when we see certain symptoms. The sign may be a fever, a runny nose, or depression. Similarly, some of our auxiliaries may be exhibiting symptoms that signal it’s time for an exam. Read more

Supporting and integrating international students into the academic community

Dr. JoAnn McCarthy | June 2, 2014
Hundreds of thousands of students from outside the U.S. stepped on to American college campuses this school year. In the 2012/2013 school year, the international student population at U.S. institutions was 819,644, according to the Institute of International Education. Each year these students face myriad new experiences and challenges as they adjust to cultural differences, both inside and outside of the classroom. Read more