Topics: Marketing

A new spin on student feedback

Adam O'Donnell and John Roberts | October 9, 2015
The Buzz.Report, an exhibitor at the 2015 NACAS Annual Conference, tracks student conversations online. Read more

Enhancing visual impact

Melissa Davish | October 9, 2015
Amplify your graphics to increase recognition and revenue Read more

Marketing across mediums

James McHaley | March 5, 2015
As auxiliary services professionals, we know how important marketing is to the success of our services and to our students. It’s important to remember that there are a number of ways—or mediums—to communicate our messages to target audiences. Read more

A new way of thinking

Sandy Smith | March 5, 2015
Marketing auxiliary services—both to students and university stakeholders—requires a new approach Read more

Meaningful social media

Heather Williams | March 5, 2015
The Starbucks strategy in creating meaningful connections through social medias. Read more

Survey says

Julie Crea | March 5, 2015
Love them, hate them, can’t live without them. As much as they can easily overwhelm their developers (and those who take the survey), they’re well worth the time invested. Surveys are necessary to gathering, analyzing, and harnessing what your students think. Read more

Pride, spirit, and tradition

Dr. Jeff Zeilenga and Dr. Michelle Mazza Froese | March 5, 2015
Endearing words to manage your brand, grow your bottom line, 
and invigorate your campus. Read more

Branding the campus store

Dennis Mekelburg | March 5, 2015
Apple, Google, Facebook, Beats, Amazon, Chegg, Starbucks, Forever 21. These are iconic brands that instantly bring to mind the companies that they represent and resonate in a positive way, especially with college students. What does your college store brand bring to mind with your customers? Read more

Marketing talk

Heather Williams | March 5, 2015
With more than 30,000 undergraduate students and nearly 9,000 graduate and professional students, the auxiliary marketing team at University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona, has a lot of prospective clients to market to. Not only is UA among one of America’s Best Colleges and one of the Best Western Colleges, it’s auxiliary marketing team is also known to be quite the powerhouse. Read more